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Tiësto Found Dead in Avila Beach Hotel Room

AVILA BEACH, CA- Tiësto, Dutch electronic dance DJ, musician, and record producer, was found dead early this morning in his Avila Beach hotel room.

Early reports have found that the DJ, who was scheduled to perform tonight at the Avila Beach Golf Resort, was poisoned late last night by a substance that closely resembles rodent poison.  There is no word yet on if the show will be canceled.

“The full report is not in, but we do know that the man ingested a poisonous substance that lead to his death,” said Dee Funct, the San Luis Obispo coroner.

Tiesto playing in Avila Beach, California

Tiësto, born Tijs Verwest, was “…a performer who has transcended musical genres to create a global ‘Tiësto’ brand. His achievements include a Grammy nomination, numerous MTV awards, performing at the opening ceremony of the 2004 Athens Olympic Games, and even a wax statue at Madame Tussauds. With over 7 million followers on Facebook and over 130 million hits on YouTube, Tiësto has truly become a universal phenomenon,” said his own bio.

“His accolades could be the very reason for someone to try and poison him,” said case Detective Noah Klue, “This definitely doesn’t seem like an accident or a suicide.”

Deadmou5 doing his thing.

Found at the scene were two black “X”s, a trademark of competitor and fellow DJ, “Deadmau5”.

Tiësto and Deadmou5 met while working together on In Search of Sunrise 6: Ibiza, Tiësto’s sixth album in the In Search of Sunrise series.

Sources close to Deadmou5 have told us that he was upset that Cal Poly students and SLO residents invited Tiësto to perform instead of himself.

“Everyone knows that the only party place in the world bigger than Ibiza is San Luis Obispo,” said Deadmou5’s long time friend and fellow DJ, Skrillex, “So it makes sense that Deadmau5 was upset that he didn’t get to play there.”

“The black “X”s, along with the rodent poison and the background motive make Deadmou5 a prime suspect,” said Detective Klue.

The mau5 has reportedly been taken into custody for questioning until further evidence is collected.  It is still unclear as to whether the DJ is a man or in fact a dead mouse.

The music world, along with SLO residents and people everywhere, is shocked and shaken by the loss of the man DJ magazine called the “World’s Number 1 DJ” three years in a row.