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Greek Life Under Investigation Following Student Complaint

CAL POLY SLO, CA- In what has been dubbed “the most shocking Greek scandal since the Fourth Crusade” by the Cal Poly President, the Student Life and Leadership office revealed Wednesday that ‘Greek life‘ members may have been involved in an after-school activity in which alcohol was present.

“If the allegations are true, this is an outrage,” said Greek life president Bo Ozy, “This type of reckless, embarrassing behavior will not be tolerated among college students, and especially not those in fraternities and sororities.”

Ozy has ordered a full investigation into this and any other rumored cases of alcohol being present at Greek events.

Hathway Avenue, the scene of the alleged alcohol sighting.

The investigation comes after a tip given to campus administration from a “concerned student” who happened to be walking on Hathway Avenue with some friends around 11:30 pm Wednesday night and passed by a house associated with a fraternity.

According to the eyewitness reports from students looking into the house through a crack in the blinds, the students in question were standing at opposite ends of a long table with red cups on it, throwing little white balls at each other.

A reenactment of the scene created from an eyewitness description.

A ball went into one of the cups and the student proceeded to lift the cup to his mouth and drink from it,” said an eyewitness who wished to remain anonymous for his personal safety.

“There are many levels of concern regarding this incident,” said Director of Student Life and Leadership Stephen Sheep.
One concern raised during the investigation, according to Sheep, has been the possibility of a sorority present at the fraternity house.  If the alcohol allegations are true, this would mean that students of both sexes were consuming the alcohol together.

According to the Cal Poly Greek life policy on co-ed meetings, “any outside-of-school activity in which there are both males and females present at the same time must gain approval by the board prior to the event.”

Neither fraternity or sorority in question would respond to The Hoof’s attempts to contact for comment.

While the investigation is under way, the entire Greek system has been ordered to cease and desist all activities. The judicial hearing, which is scheduled for this Friday, will determine the responsibility of the Greek system and the university’s subsequent actions.

“I just want to protect the clean and safe reputation of the Greek community, and maybe get invited to an outside-of-school activity every once in a while…” the anonymous eyewitness said.

Cal Poly officials intend to release the findings of the investigation within one week.